Thame Tree Plant 2020

What is the project ?

The Thame Tree Plant 2020 project is for 21st Century Thame to commit towards the 1 million trees Woodland Trust mass tree planting campaign — part of National Tree Week and the Big Climate Fightback.

Our project is hoping to pledge to plant 500 trees around Thame in 2020.

To purchase the trees we expect the costs to be around £2K.

We will then be putting together small and large tree planting events using volunteers.

We need :

  • Businesses to pledge to sponsor to buy the trees next year (lots of marketing exposure !)
  • Volunteers to plant trees on specific tree planting event days
  • Volunteers to nurture a tree or two until it  is grown enough for public life
  • Residents to plant one or more trees in their garden
  • Local landowners to allocate some space for a small wood

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